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MDMG AS aims to be a market data industry-specific consulting advisor of choice for leading global financial market stakeholders. Our span of work includes market data management, target sourcing, exchange audits, analysis, vendor due diligence, and project management.

Data Analytics/Analysis

We offer financial data domain knowledge and some innovative insights on how to utilise technologies to transform raw datasets into useful knowledge, manage data, and perform or visualise analysis. Consultants with a mixture of experience in business and technology in various professions will simplify SRS and thus ensure an efficient and agile development of reports. 

Exchange Audits

Our in-depth knowledge of market data and the related global infrastructure that has been set up to support live tick data deliveries will benefit the client in need of assistance to manage exchange audits. A pragmatic approach is here being offered for the management of audits and relationships with stakeholders such as stock exchanges, data vendors, and exchange auditors.

Trading Platform Configuration

We can contribute by setting up and configuring global feeds to utilise industry-leading multi-asset execution management systems like “Flextrade” and “Portware”. We have 20+ years of experience with integrated management systems and settlement setups. We know B-Pipe and Refinitiv's Elektron feed, as well as entitlement systems like EMRS and DACS

API Configuration

We offer in-depth knowledge on how to set up a DWH sourced with data delivered through Bloomberg’s (BBG’S) Data Licence Platform (which includes more than 50,000 financial reference/master data fields for millions of instruments). This includes expertise in BBG’s product offering, commercial schedules, and proficiency on how to configure API interfaces for the purpose of optimising the spend and production setup "in integrated investment management solutions", i.e. SimCorp Dimension.

High Performance Storage Platforms

We understand the mechanics of market data and how to optimise it so as to reduce fee charges and simplify data flow on high-performance storage platforms. We can contribute during negotiations by ensuring access to data, performing data coverage requirement analysis, and providing assistance when onboarding data feeds like B-PIPE, SAPI, or Refinitiv's Elektron feed. Our network of partners also includes a full-stack developer with  ML & AI experience who can assist if required.

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