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 Transforming complex data into strategic business insights.

We pride ourselves on a proven track record that showcases our consultants' dual strengths in Data & Analytics and Finance. This blend of expertise forms an effective bridge between IT and business entities. 

Data  & Analytics

In the realm of Data Analytics, our specialization lies in transforming raw data into valuable insights. Drawing on experience from sectors such as banking, investment, and corporate finance, we merge sector-specific insights with proficiency in data analytics and data engineering, This ensures not only impactful visualizations but also coverage, from data collection to execution of in-depth analysis.

Market Data/Exchange Audits/Data Governance 

As seasoned Data Governance professionals and equipped with our in-house historian, featuring T&C details from + 100 exchanges and main vendors Bloomberg and Refinitiv, we offer expert guidance in navigating data fee charges and ensuring compliant data usage. This allows us to offer tailored advice on Exchange Audits, with our experience in resolving over 50 audits underscoring our deep understanding of their intricacies.

Owhelmed by audit claims, reach out to us — we might resolve them free of charge !

Data Platform Configuration

We bring  experience to tasks such as system development and configuration. This includes Database management, Data storage, DWH, Data Lake setup, as well as critical aspects like Monitoring & Logging, Backup and Recovery, scalability configurations, and user customization.  whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Engineering

By merging financial expertise with data engineering, we configure deliveries from financial data providers to consumers. Encompassing data consumption in listed companies' financial systems, extending to trading platforms—from frontend to back-office ops.

Whether managing unstructured or structured data, small datasets, or large multimillion-dollar datasets, our commitment remains steadfast, ensuring a seamless and optimized flow of information, regardless of the scale or complexity of the task at hand

High Performance Storage Platforms

Our expertise includes maneuvering the intricacies of Global Tick Data Historians, whether crafted for program and/or automated trading, portfolio management, valuations, or audit functions within financial institutions. Our capabilities span a spectrum of challenges, from due diligence in purchasing tick data solutions to ongoing maintenance and support.