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Mastering Data   Maximizing Gain  

Data & Analytics 

We have the confidence to conquer any challenge where "Data & Analytics" and Finance intersect

" .......has been instrumental in realizing market data benefits and yearly cost savings in the amount of millions "

CTO // @Sovereign Wealth Fund  


Expertise encompasses the entire spectrum, from the collection of financial data, to analysis and execution

Navigating Financial Data Costs with Expert Advice 

Data Platform Configuration & System Development

Data Engineering

from minor to multimillion-dollar datasets... we will assist 

Benefit from our experience in navigating the nuances of the provision of global Market Tick Data live streams and history 

Data Engineering

By blending financial industry insight and data engineering proficiency, we provide counsel on configuring deliveries from financial data providers to end-users. Encompassing data consumption in listed companies' financial systems, extending  to trading platforms --from frontend to back-office ops for financial instistuions.

Whether managing unstructured or structured data, small datasets, or large multimillion-dollar datasets, our commitment remains steadfast, ensuring an optimized flow of information, regardless of the scale or complexity of the task at hand.

Data & Analytics

In the realm of Data & Analytics, our expertise lies in transforming raw data into valuable insights. Drawing on experience from disciplines such as banking, investment, and corporate finance, we integrate sector-specific insights with proficiency in "Data & analytics". This ensures impactful visualizations and comprehensive coverage, spanning from data collection to the execution of in-depth analysis

Market Data/ Audits

Avoid Costly Risks: Non-compliance in Data Usage Can Lead to Liabilities in the Millions!


As seasoned Data Governance professionals with extensive experience with exchange policies, covering both their correct application and potential misuse, we consult on audit strategies and best practice compliance management to prevent issues from escalating to audit  level-level concern.

Overwhelmed by audit claims? Contact MDMG AS – we sometimes resolve them at no charge!"


Why Choose Us

Norwegian security-cleared consultants with 20+ years experience in the field of "Data & Analytics" and Data Engineering

Unmatched Financial Market subject matter expertise blended with "Data & Analytics" and Data Engineeering skills

Catering to both sell-side & buy-side financial industry eintites, we offer experience that spans the entire spectrum, from data consumption on trading platforms to back-office operations

Having settled over 50 Exchange Audits... your audit concerns may be resolved in minutes, perhaps even for free. Just give us a call.

Flexibility in our business model and easy adaptation for customer needs

Reduce Risk. Non-compliance data usage can lead to liabilities in the millions.

Data can be a high-margin business!

Data source owners can create substantial cash flows through strategic licensing and vendor relationships. On the flip side, as an enterprise consumer, effectively managing fee charges demands rigorous data governance. Regardless of your position in the data landscape, we are ready to assist in achieving the desired outcomes!

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