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Mastering Data   Maximizing Gain  

Data & Analytics 

We have the confidence to conquer any challenge where Data & Analytics and Finance intersect

" .......has been instrumental in realizing market data benefits and yearly cost savings in the amount of millions "

CTO // Sovereign Wealth Fund  


Expertise encompasses the entire spectrum, from the collection of financial data, to analysis and execution

Navigating Financial Data Costs with Expert Advice 

Data Platform Configuration

Data Engineering Expertise

Benefit from our experience in navigating the nuances of the provision of global Market Tick Data live streams and history 

Data Engineering

Our expertise encompasses a range of data engineering tasks, from harvesting multi-million dollar datasets via Bloomberg APIs for purposes such as valuation, trading, and settlement to integrating data from sources like MS Dynamics 365 and Agresso or similar. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth and optimized flow of information, whether the task is small or large, simple or advanced. 

Data and Analytics

In the realm of Data  and Analytics, we provide deep financial domain expertise and insights for leveraging technology in transforming raw datasets into valuable knowledge. We are confident in our proven ability to satisfy the requirements of financial market participants by efficiently streamlining analysis execution and swiftly visualizing results.

Market Data/ Audits

As seasoned Data Governance professionals and equipped with our in-house historian, featuring T&C details from + 100 exchanges and main vendors Bloomberg and Refinitiv, we offer expert guidance in navigating data fee charges and ensuring compliant data usage. This allows us to offer tailored advice on Exchange Audits, with our experience in resolving over 50 audits underscoring our deep understanding of their intricacies.

Owhelmed by audit claims, reach out to us — we might resolve them free of charge !


Why Choose Us

Norwegian security-cleared consultants with 20+ years experience in the field of Data & Analytics and Data Engineering

Unmatched Financial market Subject Matter expertise blended with Data & Analytics and Data Engineeering skills

Catering to both sell-side & buy-side financial industry eintites, we offer experience that spans the entire spectrum, from data consumption on trading platforms to back-office operations

Having settled over 50 Exchange Audits, your audit concerns may be resolved in minutes, perhaps even for free. Just give us a call.

Flexibility in our business model and easy adaptation for customer needs

Significant cost savings potential

Seeking Partnerhips & Alliances 

We pursue partnerships with firms adept at securing engagements for consultants, serving as a crucial intermediary between potential clients and consulting specialists.This strategy allows us to remain focused on our core competencies. Committed to delivering all-encompassing solutions, we also seek to team up with skilled coders and system engineers. Together, we form a cohesive unit, adept at tackling intricate challenges and consistently delivering outcome.

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