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Market Data Management Guidence 

Data Analytics & Exchange Audits Defence

MDMG AS aims to be a market data industry-specific consulting advisor of choice for leading global financial market stakeholders. Our span of work includes market data management, target sourcing, market data/exchange audit defence, analysis, vendor due diligence, and project management.

"........the consultant has been instrumental in realizing market data benefits and yearly cost savings in the amount of millions...." 

CTO //  “at  a +$1 Trillion Asset Manager ”   


Financial Data Scientist / DWH  & BI  Development

Exchange Data Policies/ Immaterial Property  Rights  & Audit Guidance

Trading Infrastructure / Subject Matter Expertise

Bloomberg & Refinitiv / api config/  T&C assesment

Tick Data high perfomance storage platform & API  advisory

Project Management

Global tick data subscribers can obtain huge benefits and cost savings. We can provide project management assistance on initiatives to ensure smooth vendor transitions and configuration of high-performance solutions to store and/or utilise live tick data feeds.

Data Analytics

MDMG AS consultants possess Investment Management domain knowledge along with valuable insights on how to utilise data science skills in a way that can be useful for managing data or performing and visualising analysis..

Exchange Audits

 Our consultants have 20+ years of market data industry experience from the perspective of both providers and data consumers. That alone already gives us the confidence that we can provide the very best advice on how to manage audits, interpret data policies, extract and review audit trail reports, identify use case scenarios, prepare legal advisers, or conduct settlement and contract negotiations.   


Why Choose Us

20+ Years of Experience

We know the Nordic trading

 communities, their culture, language and government procurement rules

Experts with hybrid skills ensure

flexibility and efficient deliveries

Focus on high quality,

 confidentiality and compliance (we

do not outsource assignments)  

Transparent and agile T&C 

Informal access to an ecosystem of

independent specialist advisers and

key resources at Bloomberg,

Refinitiv and major Exchanges

Expanding the business to the Nordic region  

We know how to approach prospects in Scandinavia, speak the Nordic languages, understand the local culture, and are familiar with local government procurement rules 

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